Asbestos Roof Repairs

We are sure many building owners have been advised of the following statements:

You cannot source any type or profile of Asbestos roof sheets.

You cannot repair asbestos roofs.

The only option available to you is to remove the entire roof and replace it with a new roof.

Asbestos Roof Solutions are experts in the application of high tech coatings for asbestos encapsulation and maintaining lower roof surface temperatures.

Treating Hail Damaged Asbestos Roofs

In recent years Metro Industrial Roof Restoration has worked closely with insurance companies and underwriters throughout Australia to provide industrial roof repair services to hail damaged asbestos roofs.

Metro can supply and install the Fibroseal TM asbestos encapsulation system to stabilise a hail damaged roof, this coupled with our methods of repairing punctured roof sheets, can provide a building owner or tenant with a cost-effective alternative to asbestos removal and roof replacement.


With in excess of 500 holes in our roof, and being unable to access sufficient funds to replace it, we were unsure where to turn, until we involved Metro to undertake the repair of the holes in the roof, and the encapsulation of the asbestos.

Punctured roof repaired

I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any prospective clients you may have in the future
Kevin Coleman, Managing Director Naelfran, Melbourne

Metro Industrial Roof Restoration OUR OFFER – YOUR PEACE OF MIND

By installing the Fibroseal Asbestos Roof Encapsulation System, to hail damaged roofs at your site you can:

– Quickly get production back on track
– Reduce more serious and costly secondary damages
– Avoid costly downtime associated with roof replacement
– Extend the service life of the structure
– Maintain current insurance premium levels
– Comply with your duty of care requirements as dictated in NOHSC 2018 (2005)
– Australia wide asbestos roof restoration service



Contact us to find out more about asbestos roof repairs for industrial and commercial roofs.

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