On site asbestos roof assessments

Asbestos Roof Solutions provide onsite asbestos roof assessments in the greater Sydney area.

Asbestos Roof Solutions also provide written condition reports, with repair specifications and costs for Individuals, Strata, Building or Insurance companies.

We can answer the questions you may have about the condition of your asbestos roof.

  • Do I have to replace my roof with a new roof ?
  • Are there loose asbestos fibres on the surface of the roof?
  • What is the life expectancy of the roof in its current condition?
  • Can the cracked roof sheets be repaired or replaced?
  • Can a hail damaged roof be restored and sealed?

We can also provide you with a specification on the repairs required.

Provide a written quotation of the cost of repairs and encapsulation and a written warranty for the encapsulation of the roof surface.

Contact Asbestos Roof Solutions through our contact page, Telephone us  on 024677 3909 or Peter, direct on 0408 418 630.