One of the many benefits of asbestos roof encapsulation is a reduction in heat transfer into the building.

Asbestos Roof Solutions, certified applicators of the Fibroseal Asbestos Roof encapsulation system, are able to offer building owners, the added benefit of Crommelins encapsulation system, which incorporates Cool Roof Technology.

Crommelins Fibroseal Topcoat is a waterborne high-build elastomeric roofing membrane. Fibroseal Topcoat is applied to a weathered asbestos roof surface that has been pre-treated with Fibroseal Primer to provide a durable, lightfast, protective coating.


Fibroseal is utilised alone or in conjunction with asbestos roof repairs.

Crommelins Fibroseal system reflects and emits the sun’s heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the building below.
Fibroseal is an accredited and proven asbestos roof encapsulation system used throughout Australia since 1990.